Portrait of Charlotte O'Hara

Biography of Charlotte O’Hara

Charlotte O’Hara a 5th generation Kansan was raised with conservative values and a keen sense of entrepreneurial spirit.

Charlotte grew up near Mapleton, Kansas working on the family farm along side her father, mother and three brothers.  There she learned by example how hard work is key to the success of any small business and instilled in Charlotte the traditional values of family, community and faith.

Charlotte moved to Johnson County while pursuing her education degree from the University of Kansas, then after graduating, was a substitute teacher in the Olathe School District.

But, it wasn’t long before her entrepreneurship kicked into high gear.  Charlotte built a family business in the real estate industry, becoming one of the first female general contractor/ developers in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

During this time she was a member of the Kansas City and the Olathe Home Builders Associations and served as chairwoman on the Olathe Board of Code Review.

Charlotte’s move from full time general contractor to managing the family’s industrial properties allowed Charlotte to pursue community service.  Charlotte has served as chairwoman of the Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund Board and chairwoman of the Republican Party 3rd Congressional District.

With her husband, Spencer, she is an active sponsor the Ultimate Horse Challenge circuit, which helps to instill discipline, responsibility and character through competition for our local youth.

Charlotte has a proven record of keeping watch on our local politicians. As a small business owner, Charlotte has a strong penchant for fiscal responsibility and a commonsense approach to safeguarding taxpayer dollars, which did not endear her to the establishment’s political class.

Frustrated with the irresponsible spending habits of local government, Charlotte ran for the office of Johnson County Commission Chair.  Rocking the establishment by challenging an incumbent is no easy task and the establishment pulled out all the stops to maintain the status quo.

Charlotte, lost the election by less than 1%, but victory was found by highlighting issues of importance to area taxpayers and forcing many of those issues front and center before elected officials following the election.

Charlotte has carried her fiscal message to various government bodies, including testimony before the Johnson County Commission, various city councils and legislative committees in Topeka.

Now serving as a State Representative of the 27th District, Charlotte has found the political class in Topeka is not welcoming to her open dialogue that she has with her constituents and other like minded people across Kansas.

Because of her willingness to disclose details of the $31.5 million Early Innovator Grant that the Brownback Administration accepted in February and returned in August, she was removed from an interim committee that is studying the issue of Health Exchanges in Kansas, a cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act more commonly known as ObamaCare.

In 2007 Charlotte and her husband opened their home to two children who had lost their grandmother and primary care giver. Charlotte’s philosophy is simple: When a need is presented to you, how can you possibly turn away?  This past year they adopted Alexis, who is now 15.

Charlotte lives in Overland Park with her husband, Spencer and their two youngest children of seven children.

She is also a musician and songwriter, authoring more than sixty-five songs.  She is currently working on her 3rd CD, “Where Time Touches Eternity” and her 2nd CD, “November” is scheduled for release in……November (2011).

O'Hara family